“We seek these collaborations because it is important to take art outside the canvas and our ideas have complemented each other beautifully. My title, “I read banned books,” represents taboo and the I urge my viewers to break free from conformities of society, gender roles, stereotypes and embrace yourself unapologetically.” - Akshita Gandhi 


3rd February, 2020, Mumbai: Mumbai’s electronic music lovers witnessed a wicked Berlin party, which pushed a sound that dominated the city's nightlife scene. Edgy menswear brand KURTEES collaborated with International Artist Akshita Gandhi, put together the Kater Blau at Corona Gardens, Bandra on February 2nd, Sunday. Steven Jhangiani, the founder and designer of KURTEES feels Kater Blau is the perfect platform to enhance the one of its kind collaboration with Akshita Gandhi. The electronic music mixed very well the look of the brand and the artist’s distinctive aesthetic. Music artists like David Dorad, Pauli Pocket and Kaleekarma, will set the electronic rhythm in Mumbai.

Fashion Designers have repeatedly turned to art to imbue their creations giving way to sensational art-meets-fashion collaborations. Steven not only introduced his audience to a groovy music scene but also accentuated it by making a bold statement with the limited edition KURTEES x Artist Akshita Gandhi collection. This vivacious electronic music event started with a sundowner where International Artist Akshita Gandhi exhibited her unique life-sized installation, accompanied with a small sonnet, augmenting its meaning. Her installation resonated with the ideals of freedom, and permeated the aroma of eccentricity in the air. It asked the misfits, the sinners and the outliners to grow “wings” and fly away from their dystopian realities. “Dare To Break Free” is a depiction of the significance of every genre of life to any being and the wings are symbolic of liberty.


Akshita Gandhi says, “We seek these collaborations because it merges our interests in a way that we didn’t even realize would complement each other. My installations depict an undercover love affair between a sinner and his freedom. I urge my viewers to break free from this orthodoxy and channelize their true self. “I read banned books,” represents a taboo and my viewers are stirred to break out of gender roles, conformities and explore and embrace themselves entirely and simply be. Sans fear, sans worry dancing away into oblivion and bliss.”

Akshita is well acclaimed for her previous exhibits and collaborations with famous designers at elite art-driven spaces like the New York Fashion Week and The Pulse Art Fair, Miami. Her lightbox and installation art, known all over the world made a debut in her homeland at this showcase.

A stunning interplay between contemporary art and avant-garde fashion resulted into the creation of individually designed Kurtas, with Akshita’s famously exhibited prints, making them a truly unique artwork and a collectible fashion item.
Comfortable as ever, they narrate stories of fierce individuality. Steven Jhangiani, founder and designer of KURTEES said “I feel like we live in an exciting time in which all these sub cultures and forces are morphing with each other, creating this iconic mash of different passions. This collaboration has been an eventful deal.” KURTEES, as a brand has always delivered timeless designs, crushing the stereotypes of menswear. They indulge into statement pieces by amalgamating high fashion elite menswear and your traditional kurta. KURTEES.com gives men a cool new destination with their ethnic-ish clothing options.

To know more about their eccentric collaboration, you can reach out to:
Vanshika Tejwani​
+91 9137670944​

Neha Guglani​
+91 9870421210​

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